Reputation For Integrity Through Genuine Care


At AAA Care Pharmacy we understand the responsibilities long term care facilities sustain to ensure, optimal health, safety, and comfort for their residents.

A key building block at AAA Care Pharmacy is to apply our knowledge of the various responsibilities and challenges at the facility level by implementing tailored methods for improved efficiency and added value. We don’t succeed if you don’t succeed.

As a family-owned and operated business, we realize that AAA Care Pharmacy is uniquely situated in the marketplace to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

Our organization operates seamlessly between two internal pillars which allow for attention and care to our patients and partner communities.


The first pillar is the specialized medical core of the organization. Lead by co-owner and PIC, Grant Ayvazyan, he ensures that the pharmacy operates and adheres to current regulatory compliance while managing the team to monitor utilization, interaction, and review complete medication lists ensuring optimal outcomes.

Prior to building AAA Care Rx, Inc., Grant succeeded with CVS Health working in management in Napa, CA.


Our second pillar serves as a bridge between the care facility and the pharmacy on the B2B level. As a co-owner of AAA Care Pharmacy, Albert Kaladjian leads the business development and account management group.  

Combining his experience in managing B2B relationships with a passion for healthcare, Albert ensures a tight relationship between both the individual facility and AAA Care Pharmacy.

Business, operational and other challenges are routinely discussed with the facility management to tailor methods by which AAA Care Pharmacy will help improve organizational efficiencies.